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Before the cinema
Before the cinema (2013258)
Believe it or not, this was where the ‘Rex’ cinema would later stand. According to the Merthyr Times (26 September 1895), the varying costs of a burial about this time were: Merthyr – 6 shillings (30p); Newport, 5 shillings, 8½d (28.6p); Aberdare – 4 shillings 5½d (22.3p); Cardiff – 3 shillings 6¾d (17.5p); Rhondda (joint area) – 5 shillings 5½d (27.3p): Ferndale and Treorchy, 2 shillings 9½d (14p). On a lighter note (looking at the lamp): Gas, as a means of public lighting, was eventually phased out in the 1890s and electricity installed in its place. (photo: courtesy RCT Libraries; blurb – Gerald Richards) (photo:RCT Libraries; blurb: Gerald Richards)
Conroys store
Conroys store (2013241)
Conroy's Decorating Store (opposite Wilkinson’s, Cardiff Street, c1980) One-time site of the Cinema and the Co-op Food Hall. (RCT Libraries)
The magic came up from the floor!
The magic came up from the floor! (2013509)
The magic came up from the floor! This photograph shows Mr Wallace James at the keyboard on the occasion of the opening of the Rex in 1939. I remember being taken there by my step-Dad to watch the Jazz Singer. The atmosphere - rendered all the richer and more expectant by the low lights and plush carpet flooring and red chairs - was tremendous. And then, as the lights dipped even dimmer, the magic happened: the floor of the stage in front of the heavily draped screens just opened and Dr Who appeared in the Tardis – I mean a gentleman floated to the surface seated at the biggest piano I had ever seen! As we left the cinema that night to catch the ‘bus home, my Dad chirruped a few Al Jolson ‘Mammee’s’ and generally waxed lyrical about the film; but all I could think about was the man who magically appeared out of the ground and played music! (photo: RCT Libraries - blurb: Gerald Richards)
Rex cinema
Rex cinema (2013400)
Saturday night would be the Rex . . . (photo by Glyn Davies)