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Ferrari,s Cafe
Ferrari,s Cafe (20130507)
Another well patronised Cafe...I nearly said by the 'rich and famous', but it was difficult to get an elevated table in the very large 'Tea Room' (R.C.T.libraries)
Servini's Cafe 1934
Servini's Cafe 1934 (20130500)
Well known Cafe in Aberdare Town, many people from the village called in there on excursion's to 'Town' on a Saturday, many people from the village have worked there, the familys Grand children are operating it today.. (R.C.T. Libraries)
Cafe Tina, Lewis Street
Cafe Tina, Lewis Street (2013479)
Tina’s cafe and The Sun, the Chinese takeaway, Lewis Street. Tina used to run the Plough. Her caf-specialty is poached egg on toast, washed down with a cuppa. Alun has asked Tina to put some of our pictures up to boost interest and involvement in our little group. (photo: Alun Jenkins)
Rock Inn & Pete's Cafe
Rock Inn & Pete's Cafe (2013035)
The Rock Inn and Cordani’s Café Do you remember Pete’s (and Tina’s) Café? The steaming pies and espresso coffee . . . They always had their regulars. There used to be a very vocal raven outside, who used to dip and dive . . . (photo: RCT Libraries. Blurb: Gerald Richards) (Alun)