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The War Memorial, Aberdare
The War Memorial, Aberdare (20160001)
Built 1922...War Memorial, Victoria Square , Aberdare, known locally as the Cenotaph. (R.C.T Libraries )
Comemoraition Certificate
Comemoraition Certificate (20150014)
These certificates are provided as a mark that the commission has, Commemorated in perpetuity by the commonwealth War graves Commission, and which Cemetery or Memorial the person Honoured is remembered......Alun. (if we can help in providing one for a member of your family please let us know) (C.W.G.C. (Alun))
Canadian Vimy Memorial
Canadian Vimy Memorial (20150012)
This we only saw off the road, it is colossal sitting on Vimy ridge (Dean)
Speck Corporal G.F, M2/151078
Speck Corporal G.F, M2/151078 (20150011)
This is Anne my wife's Great Uncle who lived in Park View Tce, Worked in the Mechanical Transport, 4th Anti-Aircraft workshop. (Alun)
Thiepval Memorial
Thiepval Memorial (20150)
This is the very impressive Thiepval Memorial as you can see, erected to the missing soldiers after the Battle of the Somme some 72,195 souls are remembered here..... When people signed up to the colours, it was not unusual that a whole community of people joined together, they could be 'Football teams', whole towns like Carmarthen pals, the Accrington pals. their numbers were so devastated by the slaughter in the battle, the people of the town of Accrington were so shocked and moved by their loss, they sent the bricks for this permanent memorial to be built, This battle was to be spearheaded by the French, but they were so bogged down by the battle of Verdun, it fell to the British to run this battle to relive the French, by the Germans having to send troops from Verdun to back up their troops at the Somme. on the first afternoon 59,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in the battle of the Somme 'Britain's Blackest Day'..... 7 people from our village are remembered here (pictures to follow of the inscriptions) ( Lee, Dean. Alun.)
Ypres 'Menin Gate' memorial
Ypres 'Menin Gate' memorial (20150010)
This is an invitation to all to witness the 'Last Post' being it has been sounded every evening since the memorial was built in 1928, (when we were there), several hundred people were in attendance to witness the ceremony, we were told that it is the same every night.... (Alun, Dean, Lee.)
The Ypres 'Menin Gate'
The Ypres 'Menin Gate' (20150009)
This is a Memorial that was erected in memory of the fallen in the 4 Battles fought in and around the city of Ypres, this memorial is to the men who have no graves so inside the memorial there are lists of names of men that died here, All that you see through the arch was destroyed flattened by the German bombardment of the city, it has been completely rebuilt by the people of Ypres. One of our Abercwmboi men is recorded here David Thomas Edwards, Private, 44105, 16th Battalion Welsh Regiment, Died 29th August 1916, (we would like some more info on this man please) (Alun's reserch )
The Mons bridges..
The Mons bridges.. (20150008)
This artists impression of the battle of Mons, represents the British Expeditionary Force meeting the German 1st Army, they were hopelessly outnumbered, not in a very good position, resulted in the loss of some 1600 men and a running retreat of some 200 miles... (Alun's resurch )
The Memorial, at Mountain Ash
The Memorial, at Mountain Ash (20140133)
Royal Welch Fusiliers badge
Royal Welch Fusiliers badge (20140132)
1914 Star medal
1914 Star medal (20140131)
British War Medal
British War Medal (20140130)
 The Victory War Medal
The Victory War Medal (20140129)
Notes from the Aberdare Leader during W.W.1.
Notes from the Aberdare Leader during W.W.1. (20140128)
We are still looking through the old news papers, for some report on someone we may have missed...... (Alun)
For The Fallen
For The Fallen (20140127)
This is one of many that Gerald looked at while searching for 'The fallen' from our village of Abercwmboi....Nov 2014. (Gerald Richards)
1 st W.W. pictures of Abercwmboi people
1 st W.W. pictures of Abercwmboi people (20140122)
Taken from the 'Aberdare Leader' (History Group)
Great War
Great War (20140120)
The King said..
The King said.. (20140578)
Brave men...awful condisions (Times Newspaper)
The D.S.M.
The D.S.M. (20140574)
Given to soldiers who showed exceptional bravery, above and beyond the call of duty. (Phillip Rumbelow)
Roll of Honour page 1
Roll of Honour page 1 (20140558)
This Roll of honour will probably be 4 or 5 pages by the time Gerald finishes.... (Gerald Richards)
Roll of Honour page 3
Roll of Honour page 3 (20140557)
This page is as yet incomplete but as we find more we will add..... (Gerald Richards)
Roll of Honour page 2.
Roll of Honour page 2. (20140556)
the continuation of the list (Gerald Richards)
preparation for war
preparation for war (20140555)
what happened.... (Alun)
Silver  case
Silver case (20140554)
This is the sort of presentation that was given to someone who had come home, and was on their way back to the 'Western Front', usually at a concert held maybe for 3/4 people home at the same time, the gift was provided by the 'Heroes Fund' (Alun)
Recruites 1914
Recruites 1914 (20140552)
W.W.1 Trenches
W.W.1 Trenches (20140551)
Taken from the Absentee Voters Register 1918
Taken from the Absentee Voters Register 1918 (20140548)
(Gerald Richards)
W.W.1 the year 1917
W.W.1 the year 1917 (20140504)
1914 - 1918 war in the mud
1914 - 1918 war in the mud (20140547)
The French were determined not to expose their men to another fruitless offensive, the onus fell on Britain. unfortunately for the British soldier, Haig was convinced that a breakthrough was still possible and argued for another great offensive. the French advised against it. As did Haig's own staff. Lloyd George was utterly opposed. but Haig had got the backing of the conservatives within Lloyd George's coalition and so had his way. On the 20th of November the Canadians captured the town of 'Passchendaele' its self and the battle finally halted. 249,000 Allies had been killed or wounded, 201,000 Germans...... (Alun)
W.W.!. the year 1918/19
W.W.!. the year 1918/19 (20140546)
The Great World War 1 (Alun)