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Bedford Street - uphill
Bedford Street - uphill (2013263)
In reply to a letter that appeared in the Aberdare Times in December 1873 complaining about the state of the roads in Aberdare during the winter, a correspondent from Aberaman retorted that the roads in Aberaman were equally as bad in summer as well as in winter: ‘What about Bedford-street, Chapel-street, Mason-street, Mount Hill-street, Regent-street, Commerce-place, and the masterpiece of Llanthewy-street? That would require a man to possess a walking stick similar to that carried by Shenkyn Penhydd, before he could say I am half right for this road.’ (Aberdare Times – 6 December 1873) Twenty years later (there were eleven houses in Bedford Street) it was estimated that it would cost £410 to repair the road, although – under the Private Street Works Act, 1892 – the Local Board of Health was under obligation to repair only the middle section of the road at an estimated cost of just under £92. By May 1896, this important access road, connecting the lower end of Cardiff Road to the top of Regent Street and Godreaman, was sufficiently pedestrian to encourage the Rev. Morgan Powell to apply for planning permission to build a Mission Room here. (Gerald Richards) (Gerald Richards)
It's still winter in the hills!
It's still winter in the hills! (2013467)
Just a reminder to all our friends outside of the valley – despite the snowdrops and crocus, it’s still winter feed in the hills! Sheep at the manger in Penderyn. (Gerald Richards)
Snow (20120098)
Snow in Park View Tce 2010 (taken from our site by Cynon Valley Remembered.) (Caroline)