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Darts team 'Winners'
Darts team 'Winners' (20130581)
We know who it is F/R 1st right.....The other thing 'two sisters'... (R.C.T. - blurb Alun)
1932 Melbourne stars
1932 Melbourne stars (2013147)
Help is needed with names..Where..Trophies ??? (Angela Hancock)
Football trophy
Football trophy (20120022)
This is one of our mystery picture, we know its the Football team.very young, Mr & Mrs Ken Bevan, Glyn Collins, one Tony Jenkins, and two Kenny Jenkins's, Peter Evans with the Trophy, the others I'm sorry I don't recognise them...some one will I hope, and When - What would help, please (Angela Handcock)
A winning Football team
A winning Football team (20120012)
Abercwmboi football team with trophies. Unknown year (Dave Butler)
Football trophy
Football trophy (20120005)
we know this is Dave Butler and Mr Perrot from Oak Terrace, and a super trophy, but that's all we know.... (Dave Butler)