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Speck Corporal G.F, M2/151078
Speck Corporal G.F, M2/151078 (20150011)
This is Anne my wife's Great Uncle who lived in Park View Tce, Worked in the Mechanical Transport, 4th Anti-Aircraft workshop. (Alun)
A Turnpike road
A Turnpike road (2015008)
This is the type of road that passed through our village in the early 1800s built for horse drawn carts - coaches to be able to move faster, you were charged a tool to use the road.... (Alun)
Getting to school in a rush
Getting to school in a rush (20140580)
Hold very tight please (Alun)
Jack Arnold's Spray Shop
Jack Arnold's Spray Shop (20130524)
(R.C.T. Libraries)
rivers Transport
rivers Transport (20130523)
This is a picture of the original Abercwmboi Village, the farm that was there was used by Rivers Transport for many years (R.C.T. Libraries)
Hirwaun station
Hirwaun station (20130517)
(Cynon Valley Remembered)
black lion halt 1922
black lion halt 1922 (20130518)
(Cynon Valley Remembered)
Cwmaman Station
Cwmaman Station (20130519)
(Cynon Valley Remembered)
Over the Bridge
Over the Bridge (2013218)
OVER THE BRIDGE Post down, bus up. Aberaman Colliery and North View Terrace in the background mist (RCT Libraries – March 1984)
Nice car!
Nice car! (2013201)
Nice car! But – don’t drink and drive - Outside the Aberaman Hotel, Brynheulog Terrace. Opened in 1906, the hotel closed in 1961. (photoo: RCT Libraries; blurb: Gerald Richards)
Going home . . .
Going home . . . (2013184)
Going home . . . The Red & White bus just passing the Plough in the early 1960s. (Gerald Richards)
Now what's holding up the train?
Now what's holding up the train? (2013179)
Now what's holding up the train? - Oh, no, it's that guy with the camera again! Aberaman Signal Box - pre-1930 (photo: RCT - blurb: Gerald Richards)
Going home –
Going home – (2013168)
The Abercwmboi ‘bus outside Tom Man’s showroom, Cardiff Road, at 12 minutes to 4 (if Mr Mann’s clock is correct)c1970s. (Gerald Richards)
Spot the difference!
Spot the difference! (2013162)
Almost twenty years later: 2013 – Building a new road complex to accommodate flow of traffic for the new Super School. (Gerald Richards)
Spot the difference!
Spot the difference! (2013161)
Spot the difference: 1984 - Building a new roundabout for the Aberdare road bypass (Mardy House School and old Mardy House/Tax Office on right - demolished July 1993) (RCT Libraries)
When buses went everywhere
When buses went everywhere (2013153)
The top of Clarence Street, emerging on to Jubilee Road (just opposite Mr Beauchamp’s shoe shop). (Gerald Richards)
Coming home
Coming home (2023152)
Coming home – the Abercwmboi ‘bus outside Tom Mann’s Garage, Cardiff Road. Next door down would be where the General Picton was (now a Turkish restaurant); and far left is the junction by the Plough turning down into Lewis Street. (Gerald Richards)
S is for bend!
S is for bend! (2013475)
S – is for bend . . . According to the Aberdare Almanack for 1895-6, out of the 30½ miles of roads laid down in the district, 9½ miles of it twisted and turned about the areas which led to the collieries in Aberaman and Cwmaman. Here’s a little bit of it – the S-bend: Up for Godreaman, Cwmaman and Glynhafod; down for Aberaman and town; and behind - King George’s Field. There’s a handful of streets here, too: Regent Street; up to Wayne Cottages; Brynheulog Terrace (to the right); Thomas Terrace (to the left); and Bedford Street, down to the Band Club and main road. And, smack belly-button on the bend itself, of course, the eponymous fish shop. (photo and blurb: Gerald Richards)
The Christmas Bus
The Christmas Bus (2013443)
The Council ‘Christmas bus’ which ran during the festive season was that extra touch of magic which added to the growing excitement of every boy and girl (and a lot of adults, too) in the district. This bus celebrated the event in 1959 Always a busy time of the year, as far back as 1912 the Aberdare Leader could report that a total of 6,793 passengers travelled almost 800 miles within the Cynon Valley on Christmas Eve. And think of the poor postman: in 1955 (four years before this particular ‘bus ran the Santa trail) over 100,000 letters were handled by the Aberdare post office on 21 December; by 1963, the number of cards and letters were well in excess of half a million. Mind you, not all of them were destined for Aberaman, but I bet we got our fair share! (RCT Libraries - blurb: Gerald Richards)
Blaengwawr Colliery
Blaengwawr Colliery (2013418)
Another photo of the Blaengwawr Levels. Most of the coal was transported from Blaengwawr by rail, the lines crossing Cardiff Road just below the Welsh School (where the advertising display boards now are). (RCT Libraries)
Tramcars in Aberaman
Tramcars in Aberaman (2013407)
From the other side of the hill: trams, telegraph poles, flat caps and white, silk scarves everywhere . . . the Plough junction - the Abewrcwmboi-Aberaman tram on left,coming up from Lewis Street, meets the Cwmaman tram on Cardiff Road. (RCT Libraries)
Hold very tight please
Hold very tight please (2013145)
Horse Drawn Bus
Horse Drawn Bus (2013066)
(R.C.T. Libraries)
60s picture Corona pop
60s picture Corona pop (2013047)
Delivered to the door, what flavour do you want (Alun)
Where did you say
Where did you say (2013041)
Where did you say you were going Cap Coch...well that's for me..... (Alun)
Double Decker Bus 1949
Double Decker Bus 1949 (2013018)
This is the sort of Bus that turned around at the terminus in Bronallt Tce, Aberdare Council Buses only came as far as Abercwmboi in those if you were running down the hill to catch the bus, if it was going down you could relax because it would turn around and come back... (R.C.T.Libraries)
Ride around the Park
Ride around the Park (2013017)
when you went to the prestigious Aberdare Park in the early 1900s, you could have a ride around on this marvelous machine. (R.C.T.Libraries)
Charabanc Outing
Charabanc Outing (2013015)
Aberaman (20120157)
The Square Aberaman 1920s (R.C.T. Libraries)
Tramcar (20120154)
1929 Tramcar from Trecynon to Abercwmboi, stopped outside 'The Plough' Aberaman Libanus chapel is on the right. Don’t let the upper deck pin-stripe jackets fool you – it’s the wires of the safety guard. The washing-line advert on the side reads: Puritan Soap – Soft White Hands; Snow White Clothes. Not sure about the driver/conductor – I know the bus is parked outside the Plough, but is he changing the destination board, playing a trumpet, or having a quick one? Anyway, it’s thirsty work, this tram business – fares, please! (R.C.T. Libraries (blurb: Alun and Gerald))