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Great game
Great game (20140562)
3 or 4 of your butties and hours of fun (Alun)
Florie Sweet 4 School St
Florie Sweet 4 School St (20130584)
Taken over in the Playing park on the first set of swings.. (Gill Vater nee Cook)
The Hayfield notice: no playing golf, riding a motorbike, or trotting, cantering or galloping your pony on the turf. In other words: Don't tee-up, rev up, or gee up! (Gerald Richards) (Gerald Richards)
Shooting marbles
Shooting marbles (2013187)
Serious sport: Shooting marbles in Tai Cement, 1960. Gareth Eynon and Kenneth Hughes (the cowboy), along with two mates from Abercwmboi, play for the championship – Tyce today, the world tomorrow! Result: the game was abandoned after the winning marble (‘the Bloodshot Tanker’) disappeared down the drain and all ‘keepsies’ bets immediately cancelled. [‘Alley-bompers’ were allowed in the preliminaries, but were disqualified soon after it was discovered that they chipped the glass of the smaller, opposing marbles; ‘clayees’ were not allowed at any stage because of their inferior composition] (Gerald Richards)
Knock, knock, Ginger!
Knock, knock, Ginger! (2013508)
Abergwawr Place, Aberaman. The kids in the area used to play ‘Knock, knock, Ginger!’ here a lot: knock the door and run away before you get an answer! Lucky ‘Ginger’ wasn’t around a few years earlier! In March 1872, for example, two lads were fined five shillings each (and costs) for playing ‘cat-and-dog’ in Gwawr Street. It wasn’t so much the playing that was the problem, it was when the ‘cat’ went wild and hit Mr Jones, the brewer, that things got a little bit out of hand. (Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian – 30 March 1872) (Gerald Richards)
Singing for your supper
Singing for your supper (2013507)
Singing for your Supper – young harpist playing in the garden at the back of the Swan, Cardiff Road. (photo: undated) (RCT Libraries)
Playing in the park
Playing in the park (2013102)
Playing in the park
Playing in the park (2013101)
Playing in the park
Playing in the park (2013100)
Playing in the park (Alun)
Playing in the park
Playing in the park (2013099)
Loved playing on this in the park... (Alun)
Tramcar (20120154)
1929 Tramcar from Trecynon to Abercwmboi, stopped outside 'The Plough' Aberaman Libanus chapel is on the right. Don’t let the upper deck pin-stripe jackets fool you – it’s the wires of the safety guard. The washing-line advert on the side reads: Puritan Soap – Soft White Hands; Snow White Clothes. Not sure about the driver/conductor – I know the bus is parked outside the Plough, but is he changing the destination board, playing a trumpet, or having a quick one? Anyway, it’s thirsty work, this tram business – fares, please! (R.C.T. Libraries (blurb: Alun and Gerald))