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David & wife
David & wife (20160026)
David is telling us some thing. (Alun)
The Cooks & Sweets 1957
The Cooks & Sweets 1957 (20160024)
Bethan & friends
Bethan & friends (20160023)
Taken from Facebook (Alun)
 Organ, Capel Gwawr, Aberaman
Organ, Capel Gwawr, Aberaman (20160020)
These places were enormous and spectacular, and when full with people singing and all five manuals going. You thought you were some where else...... (Alun)
Well known faces of the Village
Well known faces of the Village (20160016)
Darts Team
Darts Team (20160015)
This is a darts team one person I know is Wyn Thomas lived in Oak Tre, worked for the Hospital, in black shirt I think is Glyn Phillips, will ask the people... (R.C.T Libraries )
The Boot Hote (1912)
The Boot Hote (1912) (20160006)
The Boot Hotel in better times another building that has been empty for quite a time (2016 February my note written)most town people are very concerned it will be knocked down, the same as many well known building have already.... (R.C.T Libraries-Alun. )
The Black Lion Hotel, Aberdare
The Black Lion Hotel, Aberdare (20160005)
This is a picture recording the Hotel in its better days, it has been empty for some time, and people are concerned that it may go the way of other well known buildings in the town of Aberdare (R.C.T Libraries-Alun. )
Dewinton Colliery Workers 1914
Dewinton Colliery Workers 1914 (20150021)
General picture of working people.. (R.C.T Libraries )
Me Dad made 'right good bread'
Me Dad made 'right good bread' (20150020)
One of the Hovis adverts that was on Television back in the 70s (Alun)
Monument thought of for the village Aug 2013
Monument thought of for the village Aug 2013 (20150019)
when I was reaching a stage were a suitable number of people that fell in the Great War, and 2nd W.W. could be inscribed on a monument. A suitable design of a monument was discussed with the stone mason, and presented to a group of villagers in Dec 2013, it has not moved from there, but we live in hope...Alun Jenkins (Alun)
Thiepval Memorial
Thiepval Memorial (20150)
This is the very impressive Thiepval Memorial as you can see, erected to the missing soldiers after the Battle of the Somme some 72,195 souls are remembered here..... When people signed up to the colours, it was not unusual that a whole community of people joined together, they could be 'Football teams', whole towns like Carmarthen pals, the Accrington pals. their numbers were so devastated by the slaughter in the battle, the people of the town of Accrington were so shocked and moved by their loss, they sent the bricks for this permanent memorial to be built, This battle was to be spearheaded by the French, but they were so bogged down by the battle of Verdun, it fell to the British to run this battle to relive the French, by the Germans having to send troops from Verdun to back up their troops at the Somme. on the first afternoon 59,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in the battle of the Somme 'Britain's Blackest Day'..... 7 people from our village are remembered here (pictures to follow of the inscriptions) ( Lee, Dean. Alun.)
Ypres 'Menin Gate' memorial
Ypres 'Menin Gate' memorial (20150010)
This is an invitation to all to witness the 'Last Post' being it has been sounded every evening since the memorial was built in 1928, (when we were there), several hundred people were in attendance to witness the ceremony, we were told that it is the same every night.... (Alun, Dean, Lee.)
The Ypres 'Menin Gate'
The Ypres 'Menin Gate' (20150009)
This is a Memorial that was erected in memory of the fallen in the 4 Battles fought in and around the city of Ypres, this memorial is to the men who have no graves so inside the memorial there are lists of names of men that died here, All that you see through the arch was destroyed flattened by the German bombardment of the city, it has been completely rebuilt by the people of Ypres. One of our Abercwmboi men is recorded here David Thomas Edwards, Private, 44105, 16th Battalion Welsh Regiment, Died 29th August 1916, (we would like some more info on this man please) (Alun's reserch )
The Faces of the Village
The Faces of the Village (20140134)
Mrs Davies and Gilly, one of the hardest working men in the village, Mrs Davies was a well known Church person. It was in those times when a Ton of coal was dropped on the road outside your house, Many times as I grew up I was expected to put it into the Back yard, big relief when I saw Gilly, they dont make them like these two any more.....Alun (Louise Clement(blurb Alun))
One of those terible telegrams of W.W. 1.
One of those terible telegrams of W.W. 1. (20140126)
Found on the tips in Abercwmboi, by Bobby Davies, we met at the Armasist day service in the social club on the 9th November 2014, he said he had been trying for years to get some sense, will you try for me, this was a Sunday we had it back for him by Tuesday, he had died, could not believe it. R.I.P. Bobby.. (Alun..)
We think they are Lewis boys
We think they are Lewis boys (20140596)
Abercwmboi Operatic Socity 1959
Abercwmboi Operatic Socity 1959 (20140586)
The 1959 production of 'Wild Violets' played at the New Theatre Mountain Ash. Back row L/R 8 people.. 1 Gladys Corbett,2 Sarah Lizzie Davies,3 Mrs Kenvin (Paper Shop),4 Vi Picton,5 Lidia Swain,6 Gwen Ward,7 Lletty Williams,8 Maggie Williams... Middle Row L/R 7 people.. 1 Edna Thomas, 2 Doewen Jones,3 Ann Garrett,4 Mary Jenkins,5 Glenys Jenkins, 6 Lois Davies nee Hillman, 7 Mrs Boulton... Bottom Row L/R 5 people...1 Katie Williams, 2 ?, 3 Lorna Brown, 4 Joyce Craven, 5 ?, ......there are now only 2 we don't know, Bottom Row No 2,and No 5, please tell us on our Facebook Site.. Special thanks go to Alun & Lois,Rahel,Sonia, Abigail, Steve, Ellen, if I missed any one my fault very sorry....Alun. (Derek Williams)
Those were the Days
Those were the Days (20140581)
Wayne Mark O'dea
Wayne Mark O'dea (20140577)
This is Wayne eight weeks before he passed away, says Julie DOB 18/03/58 DOD 08/01/2003 Maes-yr-Arian cemetery, Glenboi.... (Julie Mayfield - Paul)
A take you back picture
A take you back picture (20140576)
A happy day with the people of Oak Tce, Beach Tce, and Cromer St. (Gerald & Benny Richards)
Grandma was here..
Grandma was here.. (20140568)
Grandma was here.. (Alun-Facebook)
Dr Who up to 2014
Dr Who up to 2014 (20140565)
Some of us saw the first showing (Alun)
There was only one of these
There was only one of these (20140561)
Shirley Temple. (Alun)
Aneurin Bevan
Aneurin Bevan (20140560)
Born in Wales. Father of the N.H.S. and he said if you want to keep it will have to fight for it.... (Alun)
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea (20140559)
A Victorian tradition, still alive I'm sure with some ladies.....A splinter off this block is, the 'Cornish Tea' very much alive...... (Alun)
Silver  case
Silver case (20140554)
This is the sort of presentation that was given to someone who had come home, and was on their way back to the 'Western Front', usually at a concert held maybe for 3/4 people home at the same time, the gift was provided by the 'Heroes Fund' (Alun)
The casuaty list so far 3/2014
The casuaty list so far 3/2014 (20140541)
we started looking at the 205 people who left Abercwmboi to go to W.W.1. on the Western Front in France and what happened to them... This was the casualty list at March 2014 (Gerald Richards)
Respectability in the Valleys.
Respectability in the Valleys. (2014542)
Taken from many books I have read and two of the Best books on Welsh history by John Davies - the other 'The FED' (Alun)
Well known couple
Well known couple (2014537)
To follow.. (?)