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Comemoraition Certificate
Comemoraition Certificate (20150014)
These certificates are provided as a mark that the commission has, Commemorated in perpetuity by the commonwealth War graves Commission, and which Cemetery or Memorial the person Honoured is remembered......Alun. (if we can help in providing one for a member of your family please let us know) (C.W.G.C. (Alun))
Helen... 2014
Helen... 2014 (20140597)
Our daughter Helen in her new office 2014...... (Alun (Dad))
the Machine house
the Machine house (2013093)
This is my memory of the 'Machine house' that pulled the drams of raw clay from the mine behind Park View Tce, and lowered them down into the works to be made & fired into pipes and bricks, and the beautiful allotments that were lovingly nurtured by the people of the village, fresh veg for their familys. my Grandfather had two pigs..they were processed into joints for our family in the Slaughterhouse in the village.. (Alun's Paintings)