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Abercwmboi Operatic Soc
Abercwmboi Operatic Soc (20140103)
The Ladies of the Abercwmboi Operatic Soc, in the library of the lesser hall, in Bronallt Tce, 'Library no longer there' (Rhys Rees)
Abercwmboi Operatic Soc
Abercwmboi Operatic Soc (20140100)
We know its the ladies of the Abercwmboi Operatic the 60ies ? (Rhys Rees)
Aberaman Operatic Society - Camelot
Aberaman Operatic Society - Camelot (2013416)
Thanks for the memoriesThe Aberaman Operatic Society - Camelot - Jack Pool (RCT Libraries)
Aberaman Operatic Society
Aberaman Operatic Society (2013415)
Thanks for the memories The Aberaman Operatic Society - with Vic Badcock (RCT Libraries)
Operatic Society
Operatic Society (20120144)
Some of "The Gentlemen" of the Operatic Society picture taken in the Library that was.. (R.C.T.Libraries)
Operatic Society
Operatic Society (20120049)
Abercwmboi Operatic Society "the Drinking song " from the student Prince. (Angela Hancock)
Long Room Singers
Long Room Singers (20120006)
This I believe is a Male Voice Singing group that met at the long room of The Cap Coch Inn, there are many operatic members in the group, someone said that that they sang on Hughie Greens Opportunity Knocks T/V show, when ?, what year ? anyone help please.... (Angela Hancock)