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The New County Road
The New County Road (20140572)
A quite drive in the country, until a car park was built... (I love Mountain Ash)
Roller skating. in Mountain Ash.
Roller skating. in Mountain Ash. (20140571)
The things you could do down the Mount.. (R.C.T.Librarys)
Oxford St
Oxford St (20140570)
Mrs Williams Kingcraft St has been in....get some oil on your barrow wheel.... (I love Mountain Ash)
Oxford Street
Oxford Street (20140569)
Its changed a bit now.... (I love Mountain Ash)
Peace Park,  Glenboi
Peace Park, Glenboi (2014532)
The beautiful Sunday evening walk my 'wife to be' and I walked after church on Sunday evenings... when the world was younger... (I love Mt/ash/blurb Alun.)
Peace Park - Bruces Fields
Peace Park - Bruces Fields (20130543)
This was taken a long while ago back in the 1950's ??..A Sunday night walk with your girl friend..when the world was younger...... (Cynon Valley Remembered)
Mountain Ash 1946
Mountain Ash 1946 (20130533)
the Queen being made a member of the Gorsedd in Mountain Ash 1946 (Cynon Valley Remembered)
The New Road
The New Road (20130152)
The new road at a time when the world was younger, in this picture you can see the turning left where the access to new School is today, and the new hospital is on the right hand side... (cynon Valley Remembered)
Cormmercial St 1927
Cormmercial St 1927 (2013136)
(Cynon Valley Rem)
Bruce Family Duffryn House
Bruce Family Duffryn House (2013135)
Bruse Hotel bus stop
Bruse Hotel bus stop (2013134)
Mt/Ash Bridge looking up Valley
Mt/Ash Bridge looking up Valley (2013133)