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The Gang
The Gang (2014520)
Dr Hamilton Moffatt
Dr Hamilton Moffatt (2013174)
Dr Hamilton Moffatt, one of the iconic medical figures of Aberama who took over his uncle’s practice and had surgeries in Glamorgan Street, Aberaman; John Street, Abercwmboi; and Dean Street, Aberdare. He always came out to calls – no matter what time of day or night - and very often still in his pyjamas concealed only by an overcoat. I know that in Tai Cement, if he was called out during the day, he would also pop in to see others who had recently been ill – just to check up on them and to see how they were doing. In the early days of the Second World War, on weekends, he would take letters back and forth for the families of the local lads (including my Dad) garrisoned at Brecon. (photo (modified) RCT - blurb: Gerald Richards)
doctor's surgery
doctor's surgery (2013439)
This photo (modified from a copy in Aberdare Library), showing Dr. J. F. O’Connell’s surgery, Glamorgan Street, was taken in 1984, just before it was demolished for the new housing development in that area. Dr. O’Connell shared the surgery with Dr. Moffatt (who lived in the house in front, on Cardiff Road, with his wife Nora). They also held surgeries in Dean Street, Aberdare, and a morning surgery in John Street, Abercwmboi. Dr. O’Connell died in the surgery in Glamorgan Street. (photo by D. Workman - blurb: Geral)
Lloyd George knew my Grandfather
Lloyd George knew my Grandfather (20120127)
The saying go's Lloyd George knew my father....but in my case he knew my Grandfather, Maurice Jones,came from Bethesda in North Wales after being "Locked out by Lord Penrhyn owner of the Slate Quarry he worked at, rented No 6 John Street, that later became the "Paper Shop" bought 14 School St "new" and lived there all his life, my Mam and Dad, lived here all their lives, and passed it on to us....Alun & Anne (Alun)
John Street
John Street (20120125)
The site of the Perotts Shop, on the left in John Street (Jeremy Stone)
John St
John St (20120123)
(Jeremy Stone)
John St
John St (20120122)
(Jeremy stone)
Kedwards Bakery
Kedwards Bakery (20120118)
This bit of concrete is all that is left of a very successful family Business (Alun)
Cap Coch window tax
Cap Coch window tax (20120107)
The effect of the window tax, this was the only way to avoid paying the tax brick it up. I would like to say that this and the saying "Day light Robbery" had some thing in common, but sorry no. (Alun)
Phonebox on John Street
Phonebox on John Street (20120036)