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the Prince of Wales Hotel
the Prince of Wales Hotel (2014526)
Lot of events in the diary of the village went on here. knocked down now. the person walking by is Gerald Davies of Graig Crescent, Garden City.(Will Echo's son) (R.C.T. Libraries (blurb Alun))
Church Lads Brigade Band
Church Lads Brigade Band (20130542)
St Peters Church, Abercwmboi. 'Boys Band'. Strutting their stuff around Garden City....Summer 1959...preparing for the march through the village on Remembrance day, with the members of the British Legion to St Peters Church.... (Cynon Valley Remembered)
House in Grove Tce
House in Grove Tce (20120541)
Abercwmboi House in Grove Tce (Cynon Valley Remembered)
Garden City
Garden City (20130153)
back ground the Plant...this is Oak Tce and Beach Tce in Garden City (Cynon Valley Remembered)
The Davies Family
The Davies Family (2013081)
The Davies family 9 Graig Tce.Garden the picture Mrs Mary Davies mother standing by the gate Brian-Peggy-Audrey-Trevor on the bike.. (Andrew Griffiths)
Graig Tce Lady's 1940-50
Graig Tce Lady's 1940-50 (2013008)
(Gerald Richards)
Aberaman (20120132)
Clearing away the Pipe/Brick works in Aberaman, in the background Graig Ave, Garden city, Abercwmboi..immediate foreground road to North View Tce... (R.C.T.Libraries)
View of Graig Avenue
View of Graig Avenue (20120042)