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Abercwmboi Operatic Soc.
Abercwmboi Operatic Soc. (20140102)
The cast and friends out for the night in Drisscols, Porth 1960ies (Rhys Rees)
It's still winter in the hills!
It's still winter in the hills! (2013467)
Just a reminder to all our friends outside of the valley – despite the snowdrops and crocus, it’s still winter feed in the hills! Sheep at the manger in Penderyn. (Gerald Richards)
Pip..... (2013019)
'Pip' we lost him to Ill health last May 2012, but he was our special friend and part of our life for 14 years......and sadly missed. (Anne & Alun)
People (20120139)
one of the best pictures of the year, Bethan and friends...... (Alun)