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Bitish Legion Barry 2015
Bitish Legion Barry 2015 (20160008)
The year is 2015, this is a time when many British Legion Branches and social clubs are disappearing, mostly because of age.... (? sent in by unknown)
Darts ?
Darts ? (2014539)
from Left to right Gwynne Lewis - Kirk Lewis - Benny Richards - ? - Bobby Roberts (Jason Lewis)
R.B.Legion on fire Abercwmboi
R.B.Legion on fire Abercwmboi (2014531)
Another picture of the fire, linked to picture 20130546 (Sally)
After the Fire
After the Fire (2014530)
Sad but true....this is all that is left of the Royal British Legion Club in Abercwmboi....linked to pictures 2014531 & 20130546 (?)
Pigeon Square
Pigeon Square (20130564)
As we know this is quite a large field, where the runners came to put the ring off the pideon's foot, to record the time the ring went into the box, 'I am not sure, but I think the pigeon's still leave from outside the Capcoch Inn on a Friday..... (Picture by Jeremy Stone blub Alun)
Legion Club fire 10th Sept 2013
Legion Club fire 10th Sept 2013 (20130546)
The 'Legion Club' in Abercwmboi the night of the 10th Sept 2013, it had been closed for 3 years also vandalised as you would expect in this day and age, but the 'Honor Board' and 'Flag' was salvaged by a group of dedicated villagers a year ago, there was some efforts being made for a community centre ...'but' the lack of luster performance in finding a sustainable income for the building..... the demand for a substantial amount of money for major alterations...add to that the disinterest of the General public....the end of an era I'm afraid, they were not on their own, many Drinking - social type 'Legion Clubs' have gone to the wall....but I'm sure the Comradeship of the 'Legion' will live on in the hearts and minds of the people.....Alun ..linked to pictures 2014531 & 2014530 (Sally Bradley..(blurb Alun))
Original Aberaman Institute
Original Aberaman Institute (2013275)
The original Aberdare Institute and Free Library, 1903. Part of the Plough Pit (far right) shows just how integrated society and industry in the village were. Although the pit closed for coaling in 1875, it was still maintained as a pumping station, and during the drought of 1893 water from the colliery was used for watering the streets of Aberaman. (Photo: RCT Libraries; blurb - Gerald Richards)
Plough Darts Team
Plough Darts Team (2013210)
The Plough Inn Darts Team (no date). The photograph shows the lads being presented with the winners shield by Geoff Jones. Reading left to right, I think the second gentleman is Mr Ronnie Owen; and the last but one gentleman is Mr Ivor Hughes – both (at that time) living in North View Terrace. If you recognise any of the other gentlemen, please let me know. (photo: courtesy RCT Libraries; blurb: Gerald Richa)
YMCA, Aberaman - c1957
YMCA, Aberaman - c1957 (2013466)
This is the YMCA, about 1957 (photo: courtesy RCT Libraries) Front row: Jeffrey David (first right); centre, is Mr Bill Collier, secretary. Middle row: Jim Davies (second from right); Brian Messer (second from left) Anyone you recognize? Father? Grandfather? Great-grandfather? (RCT Libraries - Alun)
Miners Institute
Miners Institute (2013106)
Although self education & Entertainment did not go together well, the Snooker Hall, and the lesser rooms could be used for relaxing, Dancing, Operettas, Male Voice, O.A.P. meetings of the community, youth clubs....and of course...Politics. (R.C.T.Libraries)
Darts team
Darts team (20120040)
Unknown darts team (RCT library and museum service)
Football trophy
Football trophy (20120022)
This is one of our mystery picture, we know its the Football team.very young, Mr & Mrs Ken Bevan, Glyn Collins, one Tony Jenkins, and two Kenny Jenkins's, Peter Evans with the Trophy, the others I'm sorry I don't recognise them...some one will I hope, and When - What would help, please (Angela Handcock)
Long Room Singers
Long Room Singers (20120006)
This I believe is a Male Voice Singing group that met at the long room of The Cap Coch Inn, there are many operatic members in the group, someone said that that they sang on Hughie Greens Opportunity Knocks T/V show, when ?, what year ? anyone help please.... (Angela Hancock)
Football trophy
Football trophy (20120005)
we know this is Dave Butler and Mr Perrot from Oak Terrace, and a super trophy, but that's all we know.... (Dave Butler)