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Bevan's Retirement 1975
Bevan's Retirement 1975 (2013098)
the Long Room at the Cap Coch Inn Mr/Mrs Bevan's retirement (Alun)
The First Stream
The First Stream (20120037)
This is the first stream, in the area known to locals as "the Fairies Glen". It is not more that a 100 yards away from here on this path that leads to the now derelict Blaencwmboi Farm, that the controversial site of the "Wayfarer Inn" or "the Old Cap Coch Inn" is said to be found....... (Alun)
Artwork in Abercwmboi
Artwork in Abercwmboi (20120031)
Cap Coch
Cap Coch (20120014)
The Cap Coch Inn. (Waiting for a report from Wayne) (Alun)
Long Room Singers
Long Room Singers (20120006)
This I believe is a Male Voice Singing group that met at the long room of The Cap Coch Inn, there are many operatic members in the group, someone said that that they sang on Hughie Greens Opportunity Knocks T/V show, when ?, what year ? anyone help please.... (Angela Hancock)