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Bitish Legion Barry 2015
Bitish Legion Barry 2015 (20160008)
The year is 2015, this is a time when many British Legion Branches and social clubs are disappearing, mostly because of age.... (? sent in by unknown)
Legion Ladies Flag
Legion Ladies Flag (2014525)
On Parade
On Parade (20130587)
Marie will give us a report soon.... (Marie_Lewis__Fuller)
Pte Frank Winnan
Pte Frank Winnan (20130552)
Frank Winnan of 19 Parkview Tce, shot twice in the 1st World War...1914 - 1918 (Alun.)
Legion Club fire 10th Sept 2013
Legion Club fire 10th Sept 2013 (20130546)
The 'Legion Club' in Abercwmboi the night of the 10th Sept 2013, it had been closed for 3 years also vandalised as you would expect in this day and age, but the 'Honor Board' and 'Flag' was salvaged by a group of dedicated villagers a year ago, there was some efforts being made for a community centre ...'but' the lack of luster performance in finding a sustainable income for the building..... the demand for a substantial amount of money for major alterations...add to that the disinterest of the General public....the end of an era I'm afraid, they were not on their own, many Drinking - social type 'Legion Clubs' have gone to the wall....but I'm sure the Comradeship of the 'Legion' will live on in the hearts and minds of the people.....Alun ..linked to pictures 2014531 & 2014530 (Sally Bradley..(blurb Alun))
James Thomas and his Mam.
James Thomas and his Mam. (20130545)
Info to come.. (Alun)
Jonathan Davies on parade
Jonathan Davies on parade (20130526)
Army (2013011)
Jackie's other row..3rd from right (Jackie K Evans)
R.N.Gosport (2013010)
Jackie's brother....Tony Picton row 3rd from left (Jackie K Evans)
Philip John Rumblow
Philip John Rumblow (20120166)
Looking 'his very best' its his wedding day in 2007 (Alun)