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Louise & family June 2016
Louise & family June 2016 (20160029)
( Alun)
School street, 2013
School street, 2013 (20160022)
Cap Coch Village
Cap Coch Village (20150025)
This is the village square at an early time C1910-20, we are surprised at the quality of the picture... (? sent in by unknown)
Monument thought of for the village Aug 2013
Monument thought of for the village Aug 2013 (20150019)
when I was reaching a stage were a suitable number of people that fell in the Great War, and 2nd W.W. could be inscribed on a monument. A suitable design of a monument was discussed with the stone mason, and presented to a group of villagers in Dec 2013, it has not moved from there, but we live in hope...Alun Jenkins (Alun)
The Sidings
The Sidings (20150018)
This is the sidings that were crossing the road in Abercwmboi, that is the original hamlet bearing the name Cap Coch was being built 6 houses at a time out of rock from the mountain above the colliery. (Alun)
Waste Buckets
Waste Buckets (20150017)
When the Abercwmboi Colliery was working, this is how the coal and the rubbish got to the screens for cleaning and loading into trucks, and sent via The sidings to the Taff railway to Cardiff Docks... (Alun)
The 2nd Stream
The 2nd Stream (20150007)
Top of the Sunday School field, alongside Piggy Lane. the 2nd stream.. (Alun.)
Hill side behind Garden City.
Hill side behind Garden City. (20150006)
The trees were removed in the summer of 2014, something wrong with them (Alun)
The Clumps
The Clumps (20150005)
When the world was younger, these clumps of trees could be seen from most places in the valley above North view Tce and the farm, today they are buried in the forest of trees, also you can see on this picture was the summer pastures for the sheep (Alun)
Mr Target
Mr Target (20150004)
waiting for the family (Alun.)
Gill & Nicola
Gill & Nicola (20150002)
Well known characters in the village, one organises the children in school, the other runs the local store.... (Alun)
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold (20150001)
Jack well known in the village 'paint sprayer' rebuilder of cars, had a business in the village from 1952 - 2012..... (Alun.)
Lake & Football field Abercwmboi
Lake & Football field Abercwmboi (20140124)
Lee is a long way up the hill taking this changed Landscape' For us... in Nov 2014 (Lee Jenkins)
The Name Tree
The Name Tree (20140123)
Young men walking out with their young ladies, would climb as far up the tree and carve their names. ours (A+A) Picture taken Nov 2014 (Lee Jenkins)
The Lewis Family
The Lewis Family (20140111)
The makers of some of the Mosaics out side the Capcoch Inn.. And a member of the Lewis family here in the village.... (Alun)
Old Boundary Line, Abercwmboi.
Old Boundary Line, Abercwmboi. (20140575)
Was the boundary line between the parish of Aberdare & Llanwonno (Alun)
Peace Park,  Glenboi
Peace Park, Glenboi (2014532)
The beautiful Sunday evening walk my 'wife to be' and I walked after church on Sunday evenings... when the world was younger... (I love Mt/ash/blurb Alun.)
Continuation of picture 2014527
Continuation of picture 2014527 (2014528)
Top end of Abercwmboi Village, at the top L/H side the new rugby club, then the demolition of the Old Welfare Club. (?)
Abercwmboi Village
Abercwmboi Village (2014527)
A Different look at the village (?)