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Before the cinema
Before the cinema (2013258)
Believe it or not, this was where the ‘Rex’ cinema would later stand. According to the Merthyr Times (26 September 1895), the varying costs of a burial about this time were: Merthyr – 6 shillings (30p); Newport, 5 shillings, 8½d (28.6p); Aberdare – 4 shillings 5½d (22.3p); Cardiff – 3 shillings 6¾d (17.5p); Rhondda (joint area) – 5 shillings 5½d (27.3p): Ferndale and Treorchy, 2 shillings 9½d (14p). On a lighter note (looking at the lamp): Gas, as a means of public lighting, was eventually phased out in the 1890s and electricity installed in its place. (photo: courtesy RCT Libraries; blurb – Gerald Richards) (photo:RCT Libraries; blurb: Gerald Richards)
The Mill Houses
The Mill Houses (2013492)
The Mill Houses, at the top of Forge Row, by the steps. Originally Mill House, the colliery manager Thomas Railton lived here in the 1890s. The large houses to the right of the steps are Dyffryn Villas. (Gerald Richards)
Perrotts store
Perrotts store (20120035)
So far one of the oldest recorded families in the village, the two Perrot brothers, 1 in the door way, the other holding the horse, this shop was across the road from Bethesda chapel,you can see the specially constructed doorway that went though to the horse stables out back, the brothers left for Australia made some money Opel digging, came back and built the Melbourne buildings there is only a painting now of the marvelous addition to the village the building was. (Doug Anthony)