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FREE RANGE! (2013231)
FREE RANGE! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get out of the way of the traffic! This old photo of Bute Street, Aberdare (taken circa 1880s), shows the top end of the street towards the Marquis, bisected by Cross Street - St Elvan’s in the distance. (photo: RCT Libraries; blurb: Gerald Richards)
eyeview (2013166)
Horse-eye view: From a horse’s point of view – or, rather, from the driver’s point of view –approaching the Cardiff Road-Lewis Street junction by the Plough (circa late 1880s-mid 90s). The large stain on the road leading down to Lewis Street shows that the street watering-cart has already been - damping down the dust and washing away the spent fuel residue of the horse power. A fairly new Libanus Chapel (built 1876) can be seen a little further down on the left. The bill-board canvas is the rear wall of the Oxford Inn (later the Royal Exchange), which closed in 1934. Tom Mann’s car showroom came later as a window dressing for his Exchange and Grange Garages (then Exchange Garages) in Lewis Street: later still, it became a carpet shop, and then a kitchen and bathroom showroom/shop. (photo: courtesy RCT Libraries – blurb: Gerald Richards) (photo: RCT - blurb: Gerald Richards)
Making hay while the sun shines
Making hay while the sun shines (2013486)
Making hay while the sun shines - haymakers at Aberman in the 1880s (RCT Libraries)
Cap Coch Inn
Cap Coch Inn (20120001)
This is a picture kindly lent to us by Rhondda Cynon Taff Libraries of the building prior to 1935 there is a need to know when the extension was built, but thanks to Benny Brackstone we have a ballpark date, maybe we can get more accurate in the future (R.C.T Libraries)