Blaengwawr Schools

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Just a little downstream from the tyre on a rope . . .
Previous to the building of the Blaengwawr schools, the local children received their education in the rooms at the Ynyslwyd Chapel vestry. Lack of suitable facilities and space for expansion, however (plus a Government stipulation that new schools accommodating less than 750 pupils would lose out on any grant entitlement), encouraged the School Board to purchase a suitable site in Blaengwawr.
The new schools were opened on Monday, 28 June 1880. The children marched in procession from their old classes in Yynyslwyd to the opening ceremony in the infants department, where Sir George Elliot (the ‘Bonnie Pit Laddie’ from Durham, and Aberaman House) informed the gathering - including the School Board members and invited guests - that the total cost of the buildings came to about £4,600. He closed by saying that he hoped that the schools “would be prized as a great convenience for generations yet to come.” (Western Mail – 29 June 1880)