The Christmas Bus

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The Council ‘Christmas bus’ which ran during the festive season was that extra touch of magic which added to the growing excitement of every boy and girl (and a lot of adults, too) in the district.
This bus celebrated the event in 1959

Always a busy time of the year, as far back as 1912 the Aberdare Leader could report that a total of 6,793 passengers travelled almost 800 miles within the Cynon Valley on Christmas Eve. And think of the poor postman: in 1955 (four years before this particular ‘bus ran the Santa trail) over 100,000 letters were handled by the Aberdare post office on 21 December; by 1963, the number of cards and letters were well in excess of half a million. Mind you, not all of them were destined for Aberaman, but I bet we got our fair share!