Market Day - Aberdare

Picture of Market Day - Aberdare
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W. E. Price’s ‘The Quality Stores’, Aberdare Market, circa 1930s.
(the sawdust on the floor absorbed spills and breakages; with a little oil added to it to dampen it down, the sawdust also made the general sweep-up after a lot easier)

Tins of Bartlett’s pears, fruit salad, pineapple cubes, English cream . . .
Wye Valley jams, Horniman’s tea, butter, flour and lard . . .
Red salmon, tin tomatoes – Oxydol . . .
According to Wikipedia, Oxydol began sponsoring the NBC’s ‘Ma Perkins’ series (played by Virginia Payne) in the 1930s; the radio show was considered to be the first ‘soap opera’.